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" I haven't had time this week to try the Darkside myself so gave it to my best cutter yesterday to try. He isnt going to give it back, NO WAY ! Its a real good test as he is a bit old fashioned and set in his ways, he didnt even really want to try it but he is really pleased he did. He was cutting sapphire and used #60,000 Diamond- no problems getting it going, I think you are on a winner."

Commercial Dealer, AU

"Polish is done in about 1/3d the time it used to take. Why weren't you around 25 years ago when I got started and it would have saved me much frustration!"

Commercial Cutter

"Tried the new darkside lap. I give it a grade of super. Have polished cz, tourmaline and a demantoid garnet with a great and fast polish."

Faceting Instructor, US

"I let my partner try it, and he will not give it back. Can I have another?"

Commerical Cutter, US