"Make it a DOUBLE"

The Darkside™ was introduced to address runaway metal price speculation with an affordable lap, and to offer a "User Friendly" lap that did not require a complicated charging process.

Of course, beginners love them, particularly for quartzes with CeO, because this combination has ended all the quartz problems.

But because I use Professional/Production cutters as testers to qualify (or condemn) new products ideas, we had a surprise development.

Many loved the Darkside and quickly standardized on it. Then I began getting requests for a more "industrial" product.

The reason for having these people test new ideas is that they cut hundreds of stones a year, so I get a year's worth of Hobbyist Level use very quickly, and this reduces the Time-To-Market.

Another issue is that for product testimonials, being a hobbyist (who makes laps) myself, no one cares what WE think of a product. They want to hear about it from people who really put the product through its paces, where "Faster" and "Easier" translate into Profit.

That's what this product and the BA5T™ are about.

Double Thick Base

Double + thick Top Layer

Total Thickness, .4 Inches,Approx..

Fine Diamond Machined.

1 Free Resurfacing Coupon.

$135.00, Postpaid.

Special Order, made in small lots.*

The DarkPro™ is now listed on the BATT Store.

* Technical reasons. The regular Darkside was designed to be mass-produced, and it is.

Current capacity for the regular Darkside is ~4,000 per year. It won't work with these thick ones.


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"DARKSIDE™ is a Trademark used to describe a proprietary advanced composite polymer that has been engineered to produce low coefficients of Friction and thereby run cooler than other polymeric laps. It has domains which are lyophilic and hydrophilic, allowing use of any polish medium.